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Green Garden Farm
39 Stage Road.
St. Albans, Maine 04971
Phone: (207) 938-2122

Most people who visit the farm say its a work of art and a little over the top.

Allen Reynolds

About the Farm

We are located in St.Albans Maine. The farm is situated on 27 acres, of which 4 acres are under production.

Our Long Pie Pumpkins are grown for making pumpkin pies and for a local winery. That's right, Pumpkin Wine that's named Pie Eyed.

Our tomatoes are grown for the local markets and for Cheryl Wixson Kitchen. A local processor that makes a very tasty classic marinara Pizza and Pasta sauce among other CSA offerings.

We began growing gourmet hard neck garlic with 75 pounds of seed stock. From there it's been an annual process of planting, harvesting, cleaning, drying, curing, and replanting so that we could establish a seed bank. We currently plant out 700 lbs of seed garlic, which equals about 35,000 plants and look forward to this years harvest. Order early, we sell out quickly.