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german hardy

German Extra Hardy Seed Grade

One of the best hardneck types for growing in the northern climates.
100% certified organic. 2" minimum bulb size, 4-6 cloves per bulb 15-30 cloves per pound.

  • 1 Lb $18.00. + Shipping $5.95
  • 2 Lbs $36.00 + Shipping $5.95
  • 5 Lbs $80.00 ($16 per lb.) + Shipping $16.00
  • 20 Lbs $260.00 ($13 per lb.) + Call for shipping

15% early order discount, received before August 15th

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Fall shipping only. Shipping starts in September.

We are certified organic because we believe in farming practices that leave this earth in a better state than when we received it. We believe in growing nutritious food and quality seed without harmful pesticides and fertilizers. We also believe we can grow the biggest and best Garlic seed the organic way with loads of organic matter in a soil that's teaming with microbes. The way a healthy soil was meant to be.