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Garlic Planting Process

The garlic production process starts around mid-October when we begin planting. Some years we get busy or temperatures are too warm so we have planted as late as mid-November. 

After trying out a few different varieties of garlic, we fell in love with German Extra Hardy garlic for its flavor and size. We focus all of our energy on this one variety and grow it very well. Out of the thousands of pounds of garlic bulbs we harvest, we select only the biggest for planting stock which will go back out in the field each fall for the following years crop. 

We also believe that the soil needs to have the proper PH, between 6 and 7, and the ideal soil fertility. Each year, our soil is tested and amended as needed.

Garlic is in the ground for about nine months. July 30th begins the start of harvesting. 

Planting garlic cloves is made easy with the seed bed roller with snap-in dibbles. By using interchangeable dibbles, spacing is perfect and can be adjusted as needed. The process is made even easier with two people pulling the roller down the row. 

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Before planting, we prepare four rows spaced 8-10 inches apart for planting and cloves are pushed 3-5 inches into the hole. The soil is freshly prepared with rototiller, making the soil soft to plant in.

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To begin, garlic cloves are first separated from the bulbs. This process is done the day or night before planting.

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Garlic cloves are then placed in the planting hole with the root end down and the pointy end up.

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