Seed Garlic, Peonies, and Colchicums ship in September-October

About Our Farm

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Welcome to Green Garden Farm! We are located in St. Albans Maine situated on 27 acres, of which 4 acres are under production.
We specialize in growing organic German Extra Hardy garlic and take great pride and joy in the production of some of the best quality garlic available. Organic garlic direct from our farm to your farm or table.
We began growing gourmet hard neck garlic with 75 pounds of seed stock. From there it’s been an annual process of planting, harvesting, cleaning, drying, curing, and replanting so that we could establish a seed bank. We currently plant out 1300 lbs of seed garlic, which equals about 45,000 plants and look forward to this years harvest. Garlic ships in September ONLY, but order early – we sell out quickly!
We also grow and offer peony plants in nursery pots that are large and often ready to bloom the following spring. Along with colchicum bulbs that will bloom upon arrival to farmers and the home gardener.
Our farm is 100% certified organic. We believe in farming practices that leave this earth in a better state than when we received it. Along with, growing nutritious food and quality seed without harmful pesticides and fertilizers. We also believe we can grow the biggest and best garlic seed the organic way, with loads of organic matter in a soil that’s teaming with microbes. The way a healthy soil was meant to be.