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Organic Farming Practices

At Green Garden Farm, we are 100% certified organic. We believe in farming practices that leave this earth in a better state than when we received it, along with growing nutritious food and quality seed without harmful pesticides and fertilizers. We also believe we can grow the biggest and best garlic seed the organic way, with loads of organic matter in a soil that's teaming with microbes. The way a healthy soil was meant to be.

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Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) has been certifying organic farmers since 1972 and is one of the country’s oldest organic certifiers. We are proud to be a MOFGA-certified and USDA organic farm. In order to achieve this certification, we follow organic standards and requirements specific to growing our crops. 

As a certified organic farm, our consumers can be confident that our products are produced in accordance with organic standards. Our farm goes through thorough inspections yearly to ensure our plans comply with standards.

We believe that by following organic farming practices we become a key piece of the larger organic farming movement. We also believe in transparency for our farm and our consumers and being certified organic allows us to do that. Our farming practices are not only better for the environment and our consumers, but they allow us to educate others on the importance of organic farming.