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Peony Farm Open House


We invite you to join us for our annual open house at Green Garden Farm! Take a tour of our peony farm, where our peonies will be in full blossom. Bouquets and potted peony plants will be available to take home. The open house is open to the public and will be taking place June 10th–24th from 9am to 3pm.


This year, we invite you to visit the farm prior to the open house if you would like first pick of the potted peonies. You are welcome to stop by starting June 1st from 9am to 3pm. Please note this is for those who would like first pick of peony plants - the peony fields won't be in bloom until the open house.


IMPORTANT EVENT NOTICE: Please be aware that due to the early spring weather we’ve been experiencing, peak peony season is unpredictable and we are still unsure of the exact dates that peonies will be in peak bloom. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates.


Please give us a call at (207) 938-2122 with any questions.