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Collection: Giant Colchicums

Flower stalks emerge in September, months after the leaves have died back, giving rise to the names Naked Boys (in the U.S.) and Naked Girls (in Britain). In early fall, Colchicum’s large bulb-like corms send up cup or goblet-shaped crocus-like 4-8" flowers, up to five per stem, in shades pastel to vibrant. Handsome glossy broad 8-12" leaves emerge in spring to feed the corms, then die back by late summer to make way for fall’s naked bloom.
Plant base 5" deep in fertile, well-drained soil. And do it promptly after you receive them or you may find flowers climbing out of their bags. Grows well in full sun or partial shade. Species native to Western Asia.
Sometimes referred to as Fall Crocus and in some locales Meadow Saffron but don’t taste it, it’s toxic. Wear gloves while handling.
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