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Callies Memory Roots
Callies Memory Roots
Callies Memory Roots

Callies Memory Roots

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Callies Memory, Large 3-5 eye divisions.

A special hybrid often referred to as an Itoh Peony.

Itoh peonies are a cross between a tree peony and a herbaceous peony. 

The cross takes the beautiful colors of a tree peony and puts it on a strong long stem of the herbaceous peony. Best of both worlds. The hybridizers have created many amazing new varieties by doing this.  

One of the most famous would be Bartzella; incredible plant.

Callies Memory is a gorgeous large semi-double peach/orange with maroon flares and picotee edges. Mid-season bloom time. Vigorous grower. A truly spectacular new variety to the market and here on the farm. Another very hard to find variety since it’s so new to the market.

Limited supply as we grow out our stock inventory. 

Ships in September